Update: Co-pay Savings for HIV Medication Part 6: Epzicom, Lexiva, Trizivir, Viracept, Epivir, Retrovir, Ziagen, Combivir, and Selzentry

EpzicomViiv Healthcare (formerly the HIV divisions of GSK and Pfizer combined into a single company), makes a number of commonly used medications for HIV:  Epzicom, Lexiva, Trizivir, Viracept, Epivir, Retrovir, Combivir, and Selzentry.Okay, they make one more, Rescriptor, but it is seldom used.
Viiv recently announced changes to their co-pay savings program.  Here is the letter they sent out:

“Dear Community Member, ViiV Healthcare is writing to inform you of three important changes to our Patient Savings Card program.  First, we are increasing the maximum out-of-pocket amount reduced through our Patient Savings Card program to up to $200 off out-of-pocket costs each month for eligible patients for each ViiV Healthcare medicine. Second, we are requiring that all individuals who wish to participate in our Patient Savings Card program confirm their eligibility to participate by answering a few questions as part of activating the new Patient Savings Cards. Third, the existing Patients Savings Cards are expiring on January 31, 2013 and will not be redeemable after that date. 

 We are updating the website to make new cards available through www.mysupportcard.com and plan for this to be operational by mid-February.

 In the interim, new cards can be obtained through healthcare providers and pharmacists, or by calling the ViiV Healthcare Customer Response Center at 1-877-844-8872.

 New cards will need to be activated before they can be used by calling 1-855-208-3317

 At ViiV Healthcare, we remain committed to ensuring access to all our medicines. If you have questions about the Patient Savings Card or any of our access programs, please contact our Customer Response Center at 1-877-844-8872

 Thank you for all that you do to support persons living with and affected by HIV. Thank you also for sharing this information as broadly as possible. 
Kind regards,

Marc Meachem | Director, External Affairs

t 919.483.8756 | m 919.949.3070

The new cards should be available soon.  In the meantime, they are distributing them through providers.  So ask your doctor for a card.  They will have to get them through their rep or by calling Viiv.

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You are not eligible for this program if you are in a federally funded insurance program, such as Medicare, Medicaid, or VA.  This program is also limited to people in the United States, except for Massachusetts.

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